Should I end my relationship

Should I End my Relationship?

When you are in a relationship it is all too easy to drift along knowing that things are not right, but do not have the courage to face what exactly the problem is. There comes a point when you should ask yourself “Should I end my relationship?” If you are not happy you owe it to yourself to face up to things and either try and resolve the issues or end the relationship. If you don’t, you could end up living a life of misery, which is such a waste of a life when you could move on and find happiness elsewhere.

So how do you know when the time has come to end a relationship? Follow these guidelines:

Should I end my relationship

If you’re asking yourself the question “Should I end my relationship?” You need to work through this checklist and see the 10 Signs to Look out for that show the time has come:


You don’t really like him. As time goes by in a relationship you may come to realise that you don’t really like the person you are with. Maybe they don’t share your values, they don’t respect your family and friends, do things that you do not agree with, make life difficult. Often people stay in a relationship because they are afraid of being on their own and afraid that they will not be able to find anyone better. If you don’t like someone – move on now.


He clearly doesn’t like you. If he does not treat you with respect and obviously does not care much about you, then it is time to get out. Often your judgement can be clouded because you are really attracted physically to him, but this is no good if you are not also emotionally connected.


You don’t like yourself when you are with him. If you react negatively to their family, friends or when in their environment it is a sure sign that you will not have a good relationship in the long term. It is obvious that your personalities do not match and you could find yourself either becoming like them or becoming angry with yourself because you are not being true to yourself.


He has cheated on you more than once. If your partner has cheated on you more than once it is very likely that it will happen again. It is probably part of their character and you will never change them, so it is a waste of time to keep trying.


He keeps you away from his friends and family. If your partner keeps you away from their friends and family, you have to ask yourself why. Do they have some secret that they don’t want you to know about? Are they ashamed or embarrassed about you? Something is definitely not quite right.


He has a serious character/personality problem. Some people just have to make a drama out of everything and make life difficult. If this is the type of relationship you have, then think seriously as to whether you want to continue with it – your energy will be drained and your life will lurch from one drama/crisis to another.


You have no respect for each other. For a relationship to last each partner needs to respect the other and accept you the way you are. If one of you has a big ego and thinks you are better than the other or one of you belittles the other, then that is a sure sign that it is time to end the relationship.


One of you wants to see other people. If that is what he want to do, or it is what you want to do, then it is obvious that they do not want your relationship to progress any further. If you are hoping for more out of life then it is time to get out of that particular relationship.


You argue all the time. If you are arguing and fighting all the time it is a sure sign that you are not compatible and are with the wrong person.


Other people are advising you to break up with him. Because friends and family can see things from the outside and are not emotionally involved, they can usually see the obvious flaws and signs that the relationship is not right for you. If everyone is telling you that you should end the relationship it is worth listening to them, chances are, they are right.

Do not settle for second best – you only live once. Be aware of the faults in yourself and in your partner and be realistic, if things are not right, then have the courage to face up to it and move on. Have an honest look at how things are with your partner and look out for the signs.  If you are at the point of asking yourself “Should I end my relationship?” then the answer is quite likely to be “Yes.”

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