sexual history

Talking About Past Sexual Relationships

past sexual relationshipsSex is a vital part of a satisfying relationship, so if you feel that you have found the right one  and the relationship is getting serious, you both need to be open and truthful when talking about past sexual relationships.

Make sure you have given yourselves enough time to get to know each other first
before choosing a comfortable and private place where you can have a frank and honest discussion about your past sexual history.

Decide to be honest with each other and try not to feel awkward about disclosing your most intimate details, but on the other hand don’t go into too much detail which could possible make you both feel uncomfortable.

If your partner confesses to having had many previous sexual partners, don’t be too judgmental and jump to conclusions, it does not necessarily mean that he/she has been or will be unfaithful,  just appreciate the fact that they are being honest.

As much as we don’t like to think about it, it is important that you discuss STD’s
and if either of you have any doubts, you should agree together to be tested before
embarking on a sexual relationship together. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have faith
in each other, it simply means that you are being responsible because you care about each other.

A happy and fulfilling sex life is an enhancement to any close relationship, but do make sure that you get to know each other completely before getting too intimate. It is always best to be honest in every aspect of your life together if the relationship is going to flourish and last.

Don’t allow yourself to be pressurised into having sex before you feel that you are ready. If one of you wants to go further and the other doesn’t, it is important to respect the other persons feelings and not push them into it.

If the relationship is truly sound, then waiting a bit longer is no big deal
and will earn respect from your partner.

If your partner refuses to wait for you to be ready, then it may be time to have a closer look at the relationship and question whether they are the right person for you.

Finding new love is a very exciting time with lots of things to learn and discover about each other, but do make sure that you have this very important discussion and give yourselves the opportunity for talking about past sexual relationships before getting more intimate together.

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