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How to Make Your First Time a Success

There will come a point in your relationship when you feel completely at ease in each others company and are feeling ready to take things to another level. Hopefully you have discussed the past and know each others sexual history and are comfortable with the idea of making love for the first time.

However, as natural as sex is, things can go wrong and spoil what should be a memorable occasion, so make sure that you are fully ready and know how to make you first time a success.Make your first time making love a success

Here are a few guidelines that will help:

Chill out. It is quite likely that you will feel a bit nervous, that is natural – but do not get over-anxious otherwise things could end in failure (especially for the man). Just take it easy and lower your expectations – first time sex is not about trying to impress and put on a show, it is about exploring each others bodies and getting to know them better.

Be prepared. If you have an inkling that “tonight will be the night”, make sure that you are ready. If you are going back to your place, make sure that everywhere is clean and tidy and you have clean sheets on the bed. Make sure you have his/her favourite drink in and something for breakfast. Have some condoms where you can easily get at them.

Create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

It goes without saying that you should be clean and smell good.

Communicate. Sex is rarely perfect (only in the movies). You need to tell each other what you like. Different people respond to different things, so what worked well with a previous partner will not necessarily go down well this time. So have fun finding out and don’t be scared of saying that you are not enjoying something or asking for something different. Make sure that there is some give and take so that you both get pleasure from each other.

Have a laugh. Don’t get embarrassed if things go wrong (anyone can get cramp at inopportune moments!

A sense of humour is an appealing quality in anyone. You may cringe at the time but it could be something that you might look back on some time in the future when reminiscing – “Do you remember the time….”

Remember there always has to be a first time for everything, it may be wonderful or it may not. Now that you know how to make the first time a success, the second time will come much easier as you relax and can concentrate on perfecting your technique.

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