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Choosing a Christmas Present for Your New Boyfriend

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your new boyfriend can pose a bit of a problem, especially if you have not know them for long and are not sure of their tastes and their likes and dislikes.

If you are hoping that the relationship will progress, then you need to show that you have put some thought into your gift if you want to impress and take things to another level and not just plump for the usual chocolates, aftershave or booze.Christmas Present for Your New Boyfriend

Here are a few unusual and thoughtful ideas for a Christmas present for your new boyfriend:

A Book. – Browse around your local bookstore and find a book that may appeal. Choose one of the classics to be on the safe side unless you are familiar with a particular author or know exactly what sort of thing he likes. A book of poetry could be a thoughtful choice, particularly if it contains some romantic poems in the collection. A book of love quotes or life quotes is also a good choice. Humour can also be a good choice as long as you choose carefully and make sure that it is not offensive.

A CD – How about a compilation of soulful music. It could speak volumes to either sex, even if it’s not their usual style of music. It could give the two if you chance to get close if the songs are slow-danceable love songs.

A DVD – There are lots of films that could suitable choices for giving to your new love. A romantic old classic like Gone With the Wind or Love Story would be great or why not find some real old black and white classics. There are also lots of DVD collections of serials that have been on the TV which would also make a great gift.

Massage Oil – You have to be a bit careful with this one, but if you play your cards right it could be a great gift. It implies that you are ready to take things to the next level in your relationship and perhaps get a bit more physical. If you don’t get the reaction you were hoping for, you could always offer to give a neck and shoulder massage which should hopefully save the situation and smooth things over.

Things to avoid: Cheap aftershave or toiletries. Intimate items, such as underwear. Anything cheap and tacky-looking.

Whatever Christmas presents you decide to give to your new boyfriend, make sure that it shows that you have put some thought and effort into it. He will surely be impressed that you have taken the time and trouble to find something that is insightful and different. This could be the beginning of your relationship really taking off to a new level, so if you want that to happen, then a little time and thought could pay dividends and you will have captured the heart of your new love forever.

First Christmas Together – How to Handle it

First Christmas TogetherChristmas can be a stressful time, particularly when you are in a new relationship and this will be your first Christmas together. Though you will be looking forward to being together and enjoying yourselves, there may be issues that can cause immense pressure trying to keep everyone happy. It can also be an emotional time for you as you remember previous Christmases that may have happy with an ex partner or equally emotional if you remember unhappy times from the past.

If this is your first Christmas together, it is important to sit down together with your new partner and talk about how you both feel about Christmas and what your expectations are, what family commitments you each have and how you are going to combine them and work things together.

If one or both of you have children, then obviously they are the first consideration. It is very likely that at some point they are going to want to spend time with their other parent, so you will need to understand this. It is important to talk about this well in advance and have a plan so that the children, you and the ex all know what is going to happen and can get used to the idea of new routine.

If children are not an issue, there may be other commitments and traditions that you need to talk about and negotiate, for instance spending time with your partners family, going to church, going to the works party. These are all going to be new experiences for you both and you need to make sure that you know each others expectations to avoid last minute shocks and disappointments.

It may turn out that you are not going to be able to spend your first Christmas together on the day because of too many other commitments, if this is the case, why not choose another date to have your own Christmas day? You could start your own new tradition and have your Christmas dinner and exchange presents on a day when you are both free – this could become an annual event when you take time away from everyone else and celebrate the two of you being together.

Christmas very rarely lives up to its ideal for anyone, so accept the fact that it is not going to be perfect and will certainly never be the same as it used to be, so go with the flow and try and make some new traditions of your own. Find the bits that you both value and enjoy and make time to do them together.

Making a success of your first Christmas together will require some thought and planning in advance, but as long as you communicate with each other and can negotiate acceptable compromises, then there is no reason why you should not have a happy Christmas – it may not be the same is it used to be, but you will hopefully build on it year after year and start making your own happy memories.

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