How to Tell if he’s a Good Man

When you start meeting new guys you will come across all types. There will be the good, the mediocre and the bad. Initially you may rely on physical attraction, but you should not let the fact that he is good-looking cloud your judgement. There are lots of things that are far more important in a relationship and you need to know how to tell if he’s a good man.

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Here are my top signs to look out for when meeting new guys to help you learn how to tell if he’s a good man:


Use your intuition. The human race is equipped with instincts to help protect its survival. If something about the guy doesn’t feel right then trust your gut feelings.


Notice how he listens to you. If he is a genuine, caring guy he should listen attentively while you talk, wait for you to finish and ask questions. This shows that he is genuinely interested in what you are saying.


Notice how he treats others. A good man should be polite to the people around him.

Notice how he interacts with waiters in a restaurant or bar staff, how he treats your friends and family and particularly how he treats other women. A good man should be respectful and considerate to all women.


Notice what his attitude to life is. If he is negative and pessimistic about things and finds it difficult to find anything positive to say or do, then he could end up dragging you down with him. A good man will try and look at the positives in a situation and look for solutions.


Is he open and honest with you? A good man will be happy to share his inner-most thoughts and feelings with you and understands that hiding things will cause frustration and misunderstanding. He should also be able to make you feel comfortable being honest with him.


Does he try hard to gain your trust? A good man understands that trust must be earned and kept and will work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your relationship. If there is no trust there is no foundation for respect or love.


Does he make you feel beautiful? A good man understands that a woman needs to feel beautiful. His actions should speak as loudly as his words – the way he looks at you, touches you and treats you will say as much as what he says.


A good man will never be abusive. If he is abusive toward you in any way, whether it is verbal, mental, emotional or physical, then he is not a good man and you should walk straight out of the relationship. Do not give him a second chance, people like this never change.


These are just initial pointers to look out for when meeting new guys and will help to guide you on how to tell if he’s a good man during your first few meetings. If any of these things are not right in this initial stage, then I would suggest that you walk away and look for someone else. You deserve the best, so never settle for anything less.


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