How to Meet a Great Guy

Revealed!  Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Real Man in the Real World and Keeping him Forever

How to Meet a Great GuyThis book holds you by the hand and takes you step-by-step through every stage of the dating process until you find true love with the man of your dreams.

Are you sick and tired of dating Losers and just want to know how to meet a great guy?

Have you had enough of trawling through endless profiles online only to find out that the guy you have chosen isn’t who he says he is?

Do you feel that life is passing you by and that you’ll never find someone decent to settle down with?

Do you just want to find a great guy who is on the same wavelength, enjoys the same things and is looking for the same things as you are?

If that sounds like you, then read on, I may just have the answer to your prayers.

Not so very long ago, the only way to find a man was to either bump into him as you went along in everyday life or were introduced to him by someone else.

Now this was not a bad system, it worked for generations. I bet your mum and dad met like this and your grandparents, I know mine did. In fact my parents have just celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary (60 years). In the speech at their party, my brother recounted details of how they had met on the seafront after my dad pinched a chip from my mum’s packet as an excuse to get talking. (This is the UK)

I myself met my husband when out and about, as you will read in the book, and we have now been together for 25 years.

This is the sort of thing that happened back then and it worked pretty well.

Then along came the internet and everyone thought that this was a great way to meet their partner and forgot all about the old ways.

No-one told you about the pitfalls of internet dating – the wasted hours trawling through profiles, the difficulty in finding a decent man to actually have a physical date with, the losers and users you come across, the nice man who lives 200+ miles away, the liars, the scammers, the already married men – the list goes on.

I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about don’t you? I’m sure you’ve been there, done that, got the T shirt.

Well, now it’s time for a change back to the tried and tested ways of the generations before us who knew exactly how to attract the right man and keep him for the rest of their lives.

It’s time to ditch online dating for good and get out into the real world and meet some real men.

Once you have learned what to do, you will have no trouble in finding decent men to date and ultimately you will find the partner of your dreams to settle down with and spend the rest of your life together.

All you need to do is follow the simple steps and with my guidance and you will have all the skills and know-how to meet a great guy and keep him forever.

You will learn:

  • The missing ingredients that will stop you from finding love online.


  • The undercover secrets that online dating sites don’t want you to know.


  • The one thing you need to do before you even start looking for love.


  • How to make friends with a VIP.


  • Why you don’t need to be beautiful or slim to attract men.


  • Your secret weapon that will get you noticed.


  • How to work out what it is you REALLY want.


  • The best places to go to meet your ideal man.


  • How to open up the first lines of communication.


  • What to say and how to say it.


  • The secrets to keeping the chat flowing.


  • How to make people want to talk to you.


  • The secret signs that will let him know you fancy him.


  • How to read his signals.


  • The best place to go on your first date.


  • Why rushing into romance is the wrong thing to do.


  • The right time to get more intimate.


  • Why sleeping with him too soon could mean an early end to your relationship.


  • How to make sure you are REALLY compatible.


  • Why you shouldn’t always make compromises.


  • How to judge the right time to say those three little words.


  • The secrets to keeping your love alive.


  • How to end it without hurting his feelings if things aren’t right.


  • How to pick up the pieces and start again.


  • The unexpected things that could be stopping you from finding love.


This ebook takes you right back to the beginning and walks you through every step you need to take and shows you how to meet a great guy who is right for you. There is no b******t, no false promises, no fantastic, unrealistic claims – just good, old-fashioned reliable advice from someone who knows what they are talking about.

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Gill Crowley. I have been running my own independent dating agency in my local area of the UK for 20 years. Over that time I have helped countless people to find love and go on to have long and happy relationships. Many of them are still in touch with me now.

I have spent many hours listening to dating and relationship problems, giving advice, guidance or just lending a sympathetic ear. Believe me – I have heard it all! I know what problems and fears people face. I know the obstacles some people put in their own way. I have learned over the years, that for most people, the majority of difficulties can be overcome if they really, really want to change their life.

I was also one of those people myself who had been dumped and found myself on my own after 11 years of marriage and two children. I know from first hand exactly how it feels to be lonely and despairing that I would never find anyone good to share my life with. You will read in the book how I found my Mr Right and how the very same thing could happen for you – as long as you know how.

It’s time now for you to take charge of your life and find your perfect man.

How much time and money have you already wasted in your quest to find your Mr Right?

  • All those online dating subscriptions.
  • Dating manuals and books.
  • New outfits for dates that were never going anywhere.
  • Meals and drinks.
  • Bus and train fares, petrol, car parking.
  • All the worry and anguish wondering who was actually going to turn up – or even if he was going to turn up.
  • Wasted months or years in unhappy relationships that were never going to last.

Have you ever stopped to wonder where you are going wrong?

With failed relationship after failed relationship, rejection after rejection or just the inability to even get a date, your self-esteem and confidence will have hit rock-bottom and you despair of ever finding the man of your dreams.

So STOP doing what you are doing and take a new approach.

If you carry on doing the same things that you are doing now, nothing will ever change. You will carry on meeting the same men who are wrong for you or not meeting anyone at all.

“The Lost Art of Offline Dating. How to Find Love With a Real Man in the Real World” 

                                                                           …… is the only book you will ever need. It will change your life forever. No more trawling online dating sites. No more being stood up. No more feeling that you are not attractive enough to meet anyone decent. No more dating losers.


Once you discover the key, a whole new world will open up for you – new interests, going to new places, having fun, doing things you enjoy doing, meeting new people.

This isn’t some pie in the sky promise – it is possible for YOU and EVERYONE to have the life they deserve and to be able to share it with someone special.


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Read what other people have to say about “The Lost Art of Offline Dating. How to Find Love with a Real Man in the Real World.”


This is a great book by a great lady I met long ago when I was looking for ‘The One.’ A lady in a loving, stable relationship of her own who knows what she’s talking about! She’ll take you through all the stages of courtship from deciding for sure that you truly want a partner for the future to eventually finding the man of your dreams. How to search for him in a relaxed but proactive way, and how to survive the “left hooks” which life inevitably doles out from time to time. How to promote and project yourself to give the best possible chance of meeting such a man and get close to him.

Gill writes in a way that makes you want to keep turning the pages reading more of her expert advice on how to find him, the perils and pitfalls of dating in general and how to learn to love yourself before you can hope to love another.

She’ll help you have a good old-fashioned look at your hopes and fears, how to communicate with the men you want to meet and the power of positive thinking. Down-to-earth and practical, but always with humour and encouragement, Gill helped me and others to find our ideal partners. A true friend who’s been through life’s mill and come out smiling, always reliable to give firm but sympathetic, ultimately successful advice. Let her do the same for you.”
Penelope, Lincolnshire, UK


“I found this a really useful, easy to follow guide to the lost art of dating. This book takes you by the hand in an enjoyable and practical way and shows you how to re-invent yourself and look for love again in the real world.

It’s a great life guide from how to sort yourself out from the devastation of the end of a relationship to actually finding the right man and keeping him. This book really covers it all. With great step by step guides from how to present yourself at your best and regain your confidence to advice on how to go about finding a suitable man and making it last.

You are guided through subjects like the lost art of conversation, how to meet people and what to wear to make you look your best, giving yourself the best chance to find love and making it last.

The exercises at the end of each chapter are practical, fun and easy to do and will get you out and about re-discovering yourself and having fun. If you follow them you will surely emerge a better more confident version of yourself and well equipped to find the REAL man of your dreams. I’m really looking forward to making a start on my new life.”
Judith, Nottingham, UK


“My confidence was at an all time low after my marriage breakdown and I really couldn’t imagine how I was going to pick up the pieces and move on. I’m really not keen on trying online dating as I’ve heard so many horror stories, so I had no idea what I was going to do. After reading this book I have renewed hope that it is possible to find someone decent to share my life with out there in the real world.

It truly is a step-by-step guide on turning yourself into the type of woman that any good man would want and how to go about finding and keeping him. My skills are definitely rusty after being married for so long. I know now that it’s not all about what I look like, but what is inside that is most important.

I realise that it’s down to me to get my life back in some sort of order if I want to find a new man to share my life with. I’m going to start right away on working through the exercises and make sure that I know how to choose the right one next time.”
Shirley, Peterborough, UK


“I’ve wasted years messing around with online dating. I’ve dated loads of men who sound great in their profiles but when you meet them, they are nothing like they say they are and there is no chemistry there.

When I saw this book I thought, great, at last, no more online dating. I didn’t think that there was any alternative these days and I didn’t have a clue about how to go about meeting anyone without the internet.  I felt ready to settle down and just wanted to meet someone who wanted the same things as I do, but really didn’t know where to start.

After reading this book and working through the exercises, I got a totally different perspective on dating. I joined an art night class, something I’ve always been interested in. I got friendly with a guy in the class, we chatted each week for a while and then last night he asked me to go for a drink with him afterwards. We got on really well and have arranged another date for next weekend.

So thanks Gill for writing this book. It has given me the confidence to forget online dating for good and given me the skills to find a real man. I’ll let you know how things go with my art man – it’s looking promising.
Sue, Doncaster, UK.


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