Dealing With Rejection – How to Bounce Back

When a relationship comes to an end it is never easy, but when you are not the one who wants to end it, it will feel a whole lot worse. You will need to have coping strategies in place to help when dealing with rejection.


You will undoubtedly feel regret, loss, hurt and sadness, not to mention loss of confidence, so when it’s all over how do you bounce back and get over those awful feelings of loss and desolation?


Follow my tips to help you to begin rebuilding your life, take it slowly and accept that time will heal. Dealing with rejection is hard and it will take some time, but you need to start taking some small, positive steps which will help you to start the process of recovery.

dealing with rejection

Accept that the relationship is over. Don’t try and fool yourself that things might work themselves out and you could get back together – this most likely is not going to happen. Don’t torture yourself with “what if’s”, this is pointless, what’s done is done. You cannot start the healing process until you have truly let go and accepted that it is over for good.


Have a really good cry. This will help to release a lot of stress and weight inside your heart


Stop crying . When you have cried your eyes out, make yourself stop and pull yourself together. You will naturally be feeling a knock in your confidence and self-esteem, but don’t wallow in your misery. Try not to take it personally, just accept that that person just was not right for you. Interact with other people and find things to do to keep you busy. Try and keep yourself away from things that remind you of them.


Find some new interests just for you which were not easy to do when in a relationship. Maybe there is something you always fancied trying – learning to dance, a new language, travelling, evening classes, join a gym, go swimming – the world is your oyster! Try and inject some fun into what you do and change your routine – this will lift your spirits and energy levels and change your focus.


Why not try online dating or join a dating agency. You’re probably not ready for a new intense love affair just yet, but your social life may need a boost. You can make new friends of either sex – find someone to go out for a meal with, to the cinema or theatre or just meet up for a drink or a coffee and chat. It’s possible that they may have been through a similar break-up and will understand how you feel, so you will create a new bond and a new friend. You don’t have to rush straight into a relationship, new friends are a great way starting up a new social life and moving forward.

Re-think your technique. If you’ve had a few rejections in a row, maybe it’s time to have a look at your technique and see if you can do anything differently.

Have a look at your clothes and appearance and make sure you are giving the right message. Dress appropriately for your age or figure. Make sure you are smart, neat and tidy and sweet-smelling. These simple things can make all the difference.

Think about what you say and how you say things – occasionally some words or phrases can be misconstrued as being rude or insulting to some people.

What is your overall manner like – do you have a tendency to be too defensive and cautious, too pushy or too reserved? Try to be always open and friendly.

Take a good look at yourself and change things if you can. People who have the most success always adjust and improve their game plan until they get it right.

Treat every date as if it were your first Never carry over the hurt and rejection from a past date into your next date. Remember your new date does not know what happened last time and has absolutely nothing to do with it. Try and start off with a positive attitude. If you go with a negative attitude, it is likely that this will affect the way you date sees you and reacts to you, so will inevitably lead to yet another rejection. It is all too easy to get yourself into this destructive cycle.

When dating it is very likley that at some point things will go wrong. Dealing with rejection is all part of it. You have to learn from your experiences and bounce back. Who knows, your next date might be the one you have been waiting for.

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