Choosing a Christmas Present for Your New Boyfriend

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your new boyfriend can pose a bit of a problem, especially if you have not know them for long and are not sure of their tastes and their likes and dislikes.

If you are hoping that the relationship will progress, then you need to show that you have put some thought into your gift if you want to impress and take things to another level and not just plump for the usual chocolates, aftershave or booze.Christmas Present for Your New Boyfriend

Here are a few unusual and thoughtful ideas for a Christmas present for your new boyfriend:

A Book. – Browse around your local bookstore and find a book that may appeal. Choose one of the classics to be on the safe side unless you are familiar with a particular author or know exactly what sort of thing he likes. A book of poetry could be a thoughtful choice, particularly if it contains some romantic poems in the collection. A book of love quotes or life quotes is also a good choice. Humour can also be a good choice as long as you choose carefully and make sure that it is not offensive.

A CD – How about a compilation of soulful music. It could speak volumes to either sex, even if it’s not their usual style of music. It could give the two if you chance to get close if the songs are slow-danceable love songs.

A DVD – There are lots of films that could suitable choices for giving to your new love. A romantic old classic like Gone With the Wind or Love Story would be great or why not find some real old black and white classics. There are also lots of DVD collections of serials that have been on the TV which would also make a great gift.

Massage Oil – You have to be a bit careful with this one, but if you play your cards right it could be a great gift. It implies that you are ready to take things to the next level in your relationship and perhaps get a bit more physical. If you don’t get the reaction you were hoping for, you could always offer to give a neck and shoulder massage which should hopefully save the situation and smooth things over.

Things to avoid: Cheap aftershave or toiletries. Intimate items, such as underwear. Anything cheap and tacky-looking.

Whatever Christmas presents you decide to give to your new boyfriend, make sure that it shows that you have put some thought and effort into it. He will surely be impressed that you have taken the time and trouble to find something that is insightful and different. This could be the beginning of your relationship really taking off to a new level, so if you want that to happen, then a little time and thought could pay dividends and you will have captured the heart of your new love forever.

What You Can Learn About Love From Your Dog

You can learn a lot about love from your dog – after all they are known as mans best friend. The way they give and receive love to you can teach you an awful lot about giving and receiving love to others and can ultimately help you to achieve a loving and lasting relationship with a fellow human being.

So just what can you learn about love from your dog?What You can learn about love from your dog

  1. The most powerful way to demonstrate love is through loyalty. This quality in dogs should be the number one priority in humans.


  1. Love freely and unconditionally. Dogs don’t expect you to live up to unrealistic expectations, they accept you as you are. This should apply in human relationships too.


  1. Express your needs clearly. Your dog always lets you know what he needs. Make sure you communicate with your partner and don’t expect him to guess what it is you are after.


  1. Always greet your partner with enthusiasm. Your dog is always pleased to see you when you get home and will be waiting to greet you with kisses. Make sure you do the same for your partner however long you have been together.


  1. Be comfortable in your own skin. Dogs are perfectly happy to be who they are, whether a scruffy mongrel or a well-bred pedigree. You should be too.


  1. Holding grudges is pointless. Your dog will soon forgive and forget any cross words or forgotten meals. You should move on as quickly as they do and not harbour resentment.


  1. Don’t hold on to the leash too tightly. Just as your dog loves the chance to run freely, your partner also needs space and freedom to grow.


  1. Don’t lose your wild side. Dogs may be domesticated and tamed, but they always keep a bit of their animal instinct which shows up now and again. Don’t fall into routines and habits, keep a little spontaneity and surprise your partner sometimes.


  1. Conflicts are avoided by boundaries. Dogs mark their territories and protect their space to ward off intruders. Healthy boundaries create healthy relationships for humans too.


  1. When you feel happy, don’t be afraid to show it. Your dog jumps around, rolls in the grass, runs about and lets you know that he is feeling happy. Why hold back your feelings? There is no greater pleasure than seeing the person you love being joyful.


So you see, you can learn about love from your dog. They are not just dumb animals, but can teach us many things about life, love and relationships.

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Ten Things a Girl Should Never Say to a Guy

Guys can be pretty sensitive in certain areas, particularly any subject that could hint at him being anything less of a man. If you want your relationship to last and be healthy and happy, make sure you are aware of the ten things a girl should never say to a guy.

10 things a girl should never say to a guy

  1. “We need to talk.” This phrase causes immediate panic in any guy and will immediately put him on the defensive and make him clam up. If you are in a loving relationship you should be talking anyway and should not need to announce that you need to talk. If there is something serious that you wish to discuss, try and bring it into the conversation naturally, you are more likely to get a more open chat with him.


  1. “Man up.” Never, ever suggest to your guy that he is not a man, especially not in front of anyone else. This phrase is totally emasculating and should never be used if you want your relationship to continue. Your guy will feel completely humiliated, will find it hard to forgive and forget and may well start looking for ways to counter-attack and humiliate you. If you feel that he is not meeting your expectations, try and find ways to let him know in a sensitive manner without insulting him.


  1. “My ex could do it, why can’t you?” Comparing your guy with your ex is likely to be the kiss of death to your relationship. No man likes to be compared to another guy, particularly one that you have been very close to in the past. So bite your tongue and accept your guy for who he is and not for who he isn’t.


  1. “Your mate is very good looking.” This comment could make your guy feel very insecure as he may think that you fancy his friend more than you do him. Never flirt with his mates and keep your relationship with them on a purely friendly basis. If you want to say something, compliment your guy on having really good friends, he will be flattered that you approve of his choice of mates.


  1. “Never mind… I’ll do it myself.” Guys like to know that they are needed and usually love to do little things for you. Don’t deny him this, it is a masculine instinct to protect his woman. If you won’t let him help you with anything he will subconsciously assume that you don’t think he is capable of doing anything important.


  1. “Do I look fat in this?” This is a question that every guy dreads being asked. There is only ever one acceptable answer, so if he pauses before answering or says the wrong thing, it is likely that you will then be upset or feel insecure and uncomfortable. So the best thing is, just don’t ask the question and trust that his answer would have been the right one if you had asked it.


  1. “I can’t live without you.” Steer clear of this phrase particularly early on in a relationship, it will make you seem needy and clingy. If he is not ready to commit, you may well scare him off.


  1. “Notice anything different?” This is another phrase most men dread. They immediately go into panic mode in case they’ve not noticed your new hairstyle, new outfit or other change in your appearance. Accept that men don’t always notice changes and don’t put him through the agony.


  1. 9. “You’re so immature.” Sometimes we all act childishly, but being told so will make him feel as though he is being told off by his mum. He will immediately feel foolish and will be annoyed at you for making him feel this way.


  1. “Nothings wrong.” Don’t insult your guys intelligence by giving him the silent treatment. When something is not right with you, he will notice and want to help put things right. There is nothing more irritating than denying that there is anything wrong when there clearly is. Talk to him, it is better to get things out in the open than to keep things festering inside.


Always remember that men and women are different in how they see things. Your guy needs to feel like a man and want to protect you, but at the same time has many insecurities and need his own ego boosting. So make sure that you are aware of the ten things a girl should never say to a guy and your relationship should last forever.

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