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How to Catch Your Dream Man

If you want to catch your dream man, you should not leave it to chance.  There are certain strategies and skills that you need to learn first in order to become a magnet to the man you want.  It is not all about hunting down your prey and pouncing, but focussing on how you can make yourself irresistible to him.

How to Catch your Dream Man

Follow my steps and learn how to catch your dream man.


  1. Find out exactly who you are as a person. Take a complete and honest look at yourself from the inside out. Be as specific as you can and discover what it is about you that makes you the unique person you are, warts and all.


  1. When you have discovered who you are, start to improve on the things you do not like about yourself. If you easily lose
    your temper, start to work on anger management, if you drink too much or smoke, take steps to cut down or give up, if you are unreliable, try and get yourself more organised. Go through your list and make improvements where you can. There will be things that you cannot change, so accept and embrace them.


  1. Be happy in your own skin and with your own company. Other people are drawn to those who have a smile on their face and have the confidence to be on their own and be happy without relying on others for their every need.


  1. Shake off any hurt and resentment from the past and focus on the present and working towards the future. You will not attract your dream man if you are still harbouring feelings from a past relationship.


  1. Make a list of the qualities and characteristics that you want in your dream man. Don’t focus on material things, but look at the deeper qualities. Also make another list of the things that you are not prepared to compromise on.


  1. Find out where these type of men hang out and spend as much time there as you can. Good places to catch your dream man would be the gym, football matches, the swimming pool, dog walking in the park, night classes, volunteer groups, church activities, the list is endless.


  1. Make the best of your looks. Dress smartly and appropriately for where you are, make sure your hair looks nice and wear subtle make-up to bring out the best in your features.


  1. Make sure your body language is open and relaxed. When you see him, make good eye contact, smile and initiate a conversation.


  1. On your first date, make him the centre of your attention by asking open-ended questions and listening attentively to his replies. Don’t talk too much about yourself and dominate the conversation. Find out about his interests, his friends and family, but don’t turn it into an interrogation.


  1. Make sure you get to know each other properly on a personal level before trying to move on too quickly into a relationship. Maintain your independence instead of immediately attaching yourself to him. He will be more likely to commit in the future if you take things slowly and become friends rather than making him feel pressured too soon.


  1. Enjoy your time together. Have fun, relax and do the things that you both love doing. Communicate with words as well as actions so that you each understands the others needs and make sure that you are really compatible on every level before committing.


So now that you know how to catch your dream man, get yourself out there and find him.  It is in your hands.

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