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How Do you Keep Your New Guy Interested?

When you first start dating a new guy, you are discovering all sorts of things about each other which make it an exciting time. But what happens after that initial getting to know each other stage is over, how do you keep your new guy interested? It is easy to make mistakes which will eventually cause the end of the relationship if you don’t consider things from the guys perspective. Men and women are very different in how they see things in a relationship so it is important that you understand how a mans mind works so that you don’t put him off.

How do you keep your new man interested

The first thing that you must do if you want to keep your new guy interested is to accept him as he is. If you try and change him in any way, he will immediately put his hackles up and back away. Welcome and accept the way he is, the way he dresses and the way he acts. There may be certain things that you’re not happy with, none of us are perfect, but accepting them at the beginning of a relationship will make him relax in your company and who knows, over time, he may change his ways naturally to suit your relationship.


Realise that a man is a visual creature, so make sure that you always look your best when you meet. There is no need to get yourself dolled up to the nines every time you see him, but make sure you have made an effort to show him that you care about him enough to bother to make yourself look good.


When your relationship is still in the early stages, find out about his interests and make an effort to learn a bit about them so that you can chat knowledgably with him. He will appreciate that you can understand what he is talking about and are able to participate in a conversation.


If you want to keep your new guy interested understand his need for his own space. If he wants a night or weekend with his mates, accept this. Don’t be constantly texting or emailing him. Men like some independence and will be put off if you are always chasing him and wanting to know where he is and what he is doing. If a relationship is to work, then trust on both sides is important.


Don’t always expect him to pay for you every time you go out. If you favour expensive restaurants or always want to go somewhere that costs lots of money he may start to think that he can’t afford to stay with you. Choose cheaper places sometimes and make it clear that you are happy in his company wherever it may be. Make sure that you pay your share or at least offer.


Be your own person and don’t change who you are to suit him. He will respect you for having your own opinions even if they are not the same as his own. If you agree with him all of the time just to please him he will eventually find out your true feelings and will fell irritated and annoyed that you were not bold enough to stick to your own opinions.


Keep in mind the gender differences between men and women. You will both bring different things to your relationship. Recognise these differences and learn how to work with them to make your relationship stronger rather than trying to change things.


A little effort and thought is required to keep your new man interested so that the relationship can continue further. If you put in the effort at the beginning there is a good chance that you will go on to have a long and happy partnership.

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How to Keep Your Individuality in a Relationship

Here is an article that I have contributed to an online magazine Relationship Headquarters

How to Keep Your Individuality in a Relationship

How to keep your individuality in a relationship


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When is the Right Time to Say I Love You?

That feeling of being in love, when your heart is all of a flutter every time you think of him, you can’t eat or sleep properly and your every waking thought is filled with him, is a truly magical feeling. But how do you know if he is feeling the same? When is the right time to say I love you?


Blurting out those three little words “I love you” could mean the end of a beautiful friendship if you get your timing wrong and the other person is not quite feeling the same romantic thoughts.


So how can you tell if the time is right to let him know how you feel and whether you have really found true romance.

When is the right time to say I love you

Look out for these 12 signs that will help you to decide if it is the right time to say “I Love You”:


  1. He always makes you feel special.  Does he hold doors open for you and tell you how nice you look when you meet and is always considerate towards you?


  1. He appreciates you. Does he thank you when you do something for him and doesn’t take you for granted?


  1. He listens to you. Does he give you the chance to talk and truly listen to what you are saying?


  1. He values your opinions. Does he ask your opinion or advice and respects your differences if you don’t always agree?


  1. He is always happy when you are together. Does he have a smile on his face when you meet and is not moody and unpredictable?


  1. He does things that you want to do as well as what he wants to do. Is he happy to share your interests and does not just expect you to fall in with what he wants to do?


  1. He pays you compliments. He notices when you are wearing something new or have a new hairstyle and also compliments you if you have achieved something new.


  1. He is understanding – if you are upset, unhappy or worried. He shows that he cares about your feelings by letting you talk about how you feel or just lending a shoulder to cry on if you need it.


  1. He cares about you and looks after you if you are ill. He shows concern and is happy to comfort you or run around after you if you need it.


  1. He is happy to share you with his friends and family. Is he proud to show you off to his friends and family? This is a sure sign that he sees you as a long-term part of his life.


  1. He shows you his feelings. Is he demonstrative and holds your hand when you are out together? Does he kiss you and touch you a lot? Does he say nice things to you?


  1. If he says I love you first. This is the best sign of all. He has obviously picked up on your feelings for him and has been brave enough to let you know how he feels about you.


If you can tick all of the boxes, then you can be fairly sure that he feels the same way as you do and you can be confident that it is the right time to say I love you. You know you have found true romance and hopefully your soulmate forever.

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