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How to Meet People and Create Romance

If you are struggling to find that special person to have in your life, check out this video from Noah Hammond.

He gives some great advice on how to meet people and create romance.


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How to be a Good Girlfriend

There are certain characteristics that men in general are looking for in a relationship. It is not all about looking good and laughing at all his jokes, but it goes deeper than that if the relationship is to last. If you want to know how to be a good girlfriend, here are my tips:

How to be a great girlfriend


Show appreciation. Always acknowledge the things he does for you, whether big or small. He will love to know that he is pleasing you and that you have noticed the effort he is going to.


Be open. Don’t be distant and secretive. Be affectionate and demonstrative with your feelings, smile and laugh a lot, talk to each other and use positive body language. He will love you more for making him feel good about himself and be able to see potential in the relationship.


Like Yourself. Women who are comfortable with themselves are much more attractive to men. He does not enjoy constantly having to boost your ego or listen to you pull yourself down. Learn to love yourself first and your man will love you back.


Don’t play mind games. Men like to know exactly where they stand, so don’t expect him to second-guess what it is you want. Always be clear and upfront with your wants and needs so that he knows what you are asking of him.


Don’t over-criticize him. Men, like women, need approval. If you are always criticizing him, he may feel that he can never please you, so will start to pull away. Instead of criticizing, tell him what he does well and he will automatically want to do more.


Don’t take advantage. The old-fashioned attitude that the man should pay for everything does not stand in today’s world. Although a lot of men do like to treat their girlfriend to a meal or drinks when they first start dating, in the long term they are looking for someone who can be a mate on equal terms, so do not take advantage of his generosity.


Keep some independence. Being too needy and wanting to spend every minute together can be a big turn-off. Make sure you have your own interests outside of the relationship so that he can too. Everyone needs some space to do their own thing and spend time with their friends.


Show respect for him and men in general. Take time to get to know him as an individual and don’t automatically assume that he is the same as other men you may have come across before. Accept his past and don’t make an issue over what he did before he met you. Respect his beliefs even if you don’t agree with them.


Be yourself. Don’t hide behind alcohol or drugs. If he thinks that you need to be drunk to have a good time then your relationship will be short-lived. He needs to know you as a real person if he is going to spend a lot of time with you and introduce you to his family and friends.


Have a good sense of humour. The ability to laugh together is a great aphrodisiac. If you can see the funny side of situations instead of being stressed and serious all of the time, then this will make your time together much more fun and memorable. Being with someone who rarely laughs and is miserable will gradually wear him down.


Now that you know my top tips on how to be a good girlfriend, you can get to work on making your relationship special so that it lasts forever.



How to Make Your First Time a Success

There will come a point in your relationship when you feel completely at ease in each others company and are feeling ready to take things to another level. Hopefully you have discussed the past and know each others sexual history and are comfortable with the idea of making love for the first time.

However, as natural as sex is, things can go wrong and spoil what should be a memorable occasion, so make sure that you are fully ready and know how to make you first time a success.Make your first time making love a success

Here are a few guidelines that will help:

Chill out. It is quite likely that you will feel a bit nervous, that is natural – but do not get over-anxious otherwise things could end in failure (especially for the man). Just take it easy and lower your expectations – first time sex is not about trying to impress and put on a show, it is about exploring each others bodies and getting to know them better.

Be prepared. If you have an inkling that “tonight will be the night”, make sure that you are ready. If you are going back to your place, make sure that everywhere is clean and tidy and you have clean sheets on the bed. Make sure you have his/her favourite drink in and something for breakfast. Have some condoms where you can easily get at them.

Create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

It goes without saying that you should be clean and smell good.

Communicate. Sex is rarely perfect (only in the movies). You need to tell each other what you like. Different people respond to different things, so what worked well with a previous partner will not necessarily go down well this time. So have fun finding out and don’t be scared of saying that you are not enjoying something or asking for something different. Make sure that there is some give and take so that you both get pleasure from each other.

Have a laugh. Don’t get embarrassed if things go wrong (anyone can get cramp at inopportune moments!

A sense of humour is an appealing quality in anyone. You may cringe at the time but it could be something that you might look back on some time in the future when reminiscing – “Do you remember the time….”

Remember there always has to be a first time for everything, it may be wonderful or it may not. Now that you know how to make the first time a success, the second time will come much easier as you relax and can concentrate on perfecting your technique.

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How Do You Know if You are Ready to Start Dating

Starting out on the singles market can be very daunting, especially if you haven’t done it for a while. It is important not to just launch yourself out there as soon as you are free again otherwise you will end up making more huge mistakes with your life.

Make sure you are really ready before you even begin. This will ensure that you have a greater chance of success.

Are you ready to start dating

So how do you know if you are ready to start dating?

The first thing to look at is the past. Have you completely moved on from your last break-up? If you are still thinking about your previous partner and wishing you were still together, remembering all the good times you had and forgetting why you broke up in the first place, then you are not ready.

You need to give yourself time to grieve for your old relationship. Have a good cry, get rid of all the anger and hurt. Forgive yourself and your previous partner for any wrong-doings and accept that there is no going back. Once you have done this then you will find it easier to move on.

The next thing you need to do is learn to love yourself and be happy in your own skin and with your own company. If you are looking to meet someone just because you don’t like being on your own and are desperate for company, then you are very likely to have some disasters.

If you take some time to nurture yourself, do things that you enjoy doing, spend time with family and friends and create a life for yourself that does not need to involve someone else, but would be enhanced by sharing, then you will have more chance of meeting someone who is right for you.

If you do not have respect for yourself and your own life, you will most likely end up meeting losers or seeing people who are on a completely different wavelength. This will inevitably lead to more heartache as things don’t work out between you or, worse still, you will end up in a relationship where you are not completely happy.

Before you even think about going on a date, you need to make sure that your self-confidence is well-boosted. If you are feeling good about yourself you will attract good people into your life. Check on your appearance and make any necessary adjustments. If you need to lose weight, make an effort to start now. Get a new hairstyle and some new clothes. Work on your fitness levels. Become the best version of you that you can be.

If you can’t be bothered to make an effort with yourself, no-one else decent will want to bother with you either.

So if you were wondering  “how do you know if you are ready to start dating?”  The answer is “When you have done all of these things.” Then it is safe to say that you are ready to launch yourself on the singles market.

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